The Illinois Police Training College (IPTC) is a laboratory where police and S.W.A.T. containment teams can practice their skills in a real world environment.

The IPTC will feature a 12 position 120’ x 50’ tactical carbine range and a 15 position 60’ x 40’ tactical pistol range.

With over three hundred liner feet of kill space and approximately forty rooms to train in, our facility can accommodate you no matter how extreme your training requirements. Whether you need to practice in a school setting or that of  a hotel high-rise, The IPTC has what you need to prepare you and your team.  There is no other facility like it.

Hopes for our future include an on-site 747 fuselage to facilitate aircraft hostage simulations as well as a 2000 meter outdoor precision sniper range.

The IPTC will be opening in the Fall of 2010. In order to ensure the highest degree of service, availability, and member satisfaction we will be maintaining a limited number of total members, and applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

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